About Transformed Living


Transformed Living brings a never-before-seen, proven approach for attaining personal victories, creating life-giving relationships, and ensuring fruitful families. 

Research proves that RELATIONSHIP is an essential ingredient for experiencing the abundant life Jesus offers. Transformed Living provides a path to greater relationships. Period!  

Transformed Living’s unique approach provides the joy of experiencing personal transformation and can be used to helps others experience the sameConsider just a few of the benefits of those that practice this approach enthusiastically announce they enjoy: 

  • Deeper intimacy with God 
  • Better and richer relationships with their spouse and family 
  • Mind-blowing conversations that lead to a significant and desired change 
  • Answers for long-sought-after questions  
  • Life-changing insights and practical application  
  • A pathway for discipling others 
  • A newfound grace and hope 
  • The ‘why’ behind common biblical teachings 
  • A powerful way to think differently about all we hear and read 

To be fair, personal and relational transformation is neither simple nor straightforward; it’s hard! However, you have likely found that at least one area of your life is not functioning as you wish, and living that way is hard. So…Choose Your Hard! “But I’m exhausted by ‘hard,’” you say? We get it! We, too, have experienced the pain of a life dominated by believing lies. But no more. When we realized that we believed lies, we turned to replace that lie with the truth of God’s Word. Replacing lies with the truth is positively life changing. Upon learning how to live that truth, you will experience a refreshed soul and a spirit that soars. This is what Transformed Living provides.  

You have experienced death; why not give this life-producing proven approach a shot? You will improve your relationships through personal transformation as you align your beliefs and behaviors with God’s design. All made possible by the grace of Christ Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to free you and to empower you to cooperate with your Creator! 

Personally, Transformed Living has provided us, Lea and Rolfe, with Life-giving PrinciplesPractical Applications, and Transformational Processes that God is using to do for us what we could never do for ourselves; be conformed more into the image of His Son! As a result, we are experiencing the rewards of ever-increasing love for Jesus, a marriage to die for, fruitful family relationships with our kids and grand-kids, much healthier relationships with others, and more significant life-long impact.  

Our personal and relational transformation journey is so incredible and exciting that we have to share it with you. Be forewarned; we share our journey authentically and with sobering vulnerability. We do so because our human need to great, but our God is greater! So join us, as together we learn to die to self and live in Christ, heeding the call to “be ye transformed.”   

The Transformed Living Approach is guaranteed to change your life. You are a new creation in Christ; consequently, learning how to live life as a new creation provides the key to experiencing the benefits that your new identity in Christ offers.