Meet Lea Carawan

Lea Carawan, MA, is the CEO of LifeMatters International, a firm dedicated to improving personal and professional performance and Founder of Transformed Living, a unique discipleship experience designed to equip individuals to have a significant impact through their relationships at home and at work.
Lea has also served as the Executive Director and the Vice President of Operations and Project Development for the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation. For over 10 years, she led the effort to equip and mobilize the largest network of federal and state elected leaders—nearly 100 sitting members of Congress and 900 state legislators— who are committed to standing for faith and implementing proactive strategies to advance religious freedom, prayer, and America’s Judeo-Christian heritage.
She is a speaker, consultant, ordained minister, and a multi-certified leadership, marriage, and life coach and coach trainer. She is currently on the Board of Reference for the International Christian Coaches Institute (ICCI). With a career spanning three decades, Lea has transitioned seamlessly between entrepreneurship, fashion, consulting, ministry, and motherhood. As an executive coach, speaker, and trainer, Lea provides highly effective tools and methodology.
Lea is a frequent speaker at women’s meetings, conferences and retreats both in the U.S. and worldwide.  She has volunteered her expertise in a number of countries including Brazil, Ukraine and United Arab Emirates.
– Graduate of University of Washington (B.A. in Business)
– Graduate of Regent University (M.A. in Christian Theology)
– Co-Founder of Transformed Living™
– Certified LifeForming Leadership Coach
– Coach Trainer through International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI)
– Certified Transformed Living Coach Trainer™