Meet Rolfe Carawan


Rolfe Carawan, MEd, is the President of LifeMatters Ministries, which focuses on discipleship, Biblical principles and tackling relevant issues of our times and the Co-Founder of Carawan Global Group.

Inspired by his passion to relieve suffering and release potential, Rolfe brings his real-world experience and strategies to individuals in every walk of life. Known for his contagious enthusiasm, his coaching draws out the best in people, igniting a renewal of energy, engagement, and productivity, as well as successfully transitioning people through change, transforming human behavior, strengthening relationships, and overcoming generational gaps. 

His winning strategies have been developed over 30 years of successfully coaching, training, and motivating people. Speaking to organizations ranging from Fortune 500 and high-tech companies to healthcare and nonprofits, Rolfe has spoken to nearly a million people throughout America, as well as audiences on four continents. 

He is an author, successful teacher, coach, trained counselor, and uses experiential learning methods to create healthier relationships at home and work, effectively implement change, and strengthen communication. Rolfe is currently on the Board of Reference for the International Christian Coaches Institute (ICCI).

Passionately committed to discipleship and helping people through the process of creating lasting change he, along with his wife Lea, established Transformed Living.

 Rolfe has worked and volunteered his services in a number of countries including Brazil, Ghana, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, and Mexico.

– Graduate of William and Mary University (B.A. in Psychology and M.S. in Counseling)
– Certified Trainer in D.I.S.C Behavior Assessment
– Co-Founder of Transformed Living™
– Author of Profiles in Character and Character Revolution
– Coach Trainer through International Christian Coaching Institute (ICCI)
– Certified Transformed Living Coach Trainer™